Leased Line Costs – The Ultimate Guide

Leased Line Costs Leased line costs... how are they calculated? The cost of a leased line is split into 2 discrete components. 1. the rental charge which is a fixed monthly or quarterly charge 2. the set up fee which is a one-off installation charge. The most important factors affecting [...]

Leased Line Construction Management – The Ultimate Guide

Leased Line Construction Management What is Construction Management? During the service delivery of a leased line, sometimes the operator will later discover that in order to continue the external circuit build via a certain route chosen (usually selected due to it having the shortest distance) that access via 'public thoroughfare' such as [...]

Leased Line Service Level Agreements – The Ultimate Guide

Leased Line Service Level Agreements What is a leased line service level agreement or SLA? A leased line service level agreement is a contractual agreement between you and your service provider. The SLA is used to define the acceptable working parameters for uptime, packet loss, jitter, latency and other parameters. It [...]

Leased Line Engineer Visits – The Ultimate Guide

Leased Line Engineer Visits When will a leased line engineer visit be needed? Leased line engineer visits are needed when on site internal fibre cabling and splicing work is required. The first onsite visit made by an Engineer to perform such work (which is normally classed as ‘Stage One’ in the provisioning process [...]

Leased Line Traffic Management – The Ultimate Guide

Leased Line Traffic Management What is traffic management or shaping? Data usage is growing at a continual exponential rate. This brings with it challenges for operators and network end user businesses. Operators need to be able to manage the growth of IP on their networks to balance effective scaling with [...]